Evan Eckard

Multidisciplinary designer and creative

Helping innovators, storytellers and content creators impact their audiences through high-end design and web experiences.


A cosmic voyage of treachery, vengeance, and revelations.

Creative Direction, Branding, Graphic Design

100 Thieves

A premium lifestyle brand for the gaming generation. Combining apparel, esports, gaming and content.

Graphic Design, Apparel Design


An education platform with thousands of hours of course-based, short-form video lessons that offers test preparation, college credit and more.

UX/UI Design, Direction, Graphic Design

OTK Network

An influencer network and media company built by creators, for creators. partnering with authentic, relatable influencers, to develop the most exciting, innovative, and engaging content in digital media.

Creative Direction, Branding, Graphic & Apparel Design


Helping friends and family to easily send money to each other, and easily give a loan or obtain one.

Branding, UX/UI Design

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