Site NewsDinPattern – Downloadable pattern set coming soon.

DinPattern – Downloadable pattern set coming soon.

I will shortly be offering all of my patterns (well, most of them) from for web usage. You can also see some of the patterns right above in that great big image. The first set will have at least 30 patterns, including Humidor and Coaster, two of my favorites (I’ve had a lot of requests for Humidor usage). They will include .psd files of all patterns at 72 dpi, and will have tile-able, cropped versions as well. I still have yet to figure out a pricing plan for the set, so i’m just going to ask all of you. How much would you expect a pattern set like this to be sold for? Remember, it’s soley for web, but you can use it commercially or for personal usage.

I still offer the patterns for sale for print purposes, but I need to go over details with you if interested. Feel free to email me and we can chat about it.

Update: So after speaking to a buddy of mine, it seems the best route for this would be not to charge anything at all… that’s right the patterns will be free, just give credit where it’s due. (though donations will always be welcome)

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