Site NewsFavoriteThingz launches.

FavoriteThingz launches.

The latest project I’ve been on, has launched and ready to be used. It’s a site that allows you to quickly add photos of your favorite things, bands, brands, movies, teams, and anything else into a flash slideshow that you can then display anywhere on the web. When someone clicks through your gallery (or badge), and purchase an item, you earn a kickback for the sale. With a pretty impressive network of merchants backing this site, you can earn a commission from just about anywhere (unlike competitors that only allow Amazon as a merchant). You don’t have to worry about anything – show of your stuff, and Favorite Thingz will paypal the money right over to you.

Please feel free to send me any ideas to better the site, comments or criticisms. I am all ears on how to improve this thing. Enjoy it!

See the write-up at Mashable*
Visit FavoriteThingz on myspace

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