Site NewsI doubt this design will get as much press as the last

I doubt this design will get as much press as the last

But, it was time to update the look and feel. Since the last version of this site; I have learned all sorts of new ways to develop and design. It’s pretty eye-opening, when I look at the previous design compared to this one. There is so much that is different; that I hadn’t learned.

This version has been built to scale. Both in design and “components,” or the modular sections of content that I can switch in and out and not totally break the layout. When I first sat down to develop and design Hellbiscuit – that’s when my eyes really opened to what WordPress could do – and what I had learned since. I was able to navigate around the code quicker, and had a better understanding of how it worked under the hood.

I’ve also stumbled across many “add-ons” that would work well in the site. You’ll find twitter feeds, links to recommended resources, accounts I have at other sites, and I’ve finally added in that flickr badge that I’ve been meaning to work in since 3 designs ago.

I do hope you enjoy this version however. There is a ton of new portfolio pieces to check out – plus this site will become much more personal, and be updated rather frequently. This is me; so I better keep it moving as fast as I do in the offline world.

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  • I think it looks very slick

  • I think this is much better than your last version. Good Job. Seems a lot of people are straying from their popular designs to something that functions well and looks good. But gets bad feedback cause it’s not as “cool” as the previous version. But nice job.

  • Ash – Thank you for the compliment, it’s much appreciated. Also, great site there.

    Ed – My thoughts exactly. I really think that the last version of this site got so much press simply because of the navigation look and feel. But the site really functioned kind of poorly in my opinion. This version was aimed to allow better scalability, without a ton of work, and to make more use of the white space and get back to my print roots. Hopefully I achieved that. Thank you for the kind words, and I checked out your portfolio – it’s very impressive.

  • I find myself more and more lately scaling up text on websites… even here before I started reading this post… so I guess I should start prioritizing scalability over design myself… or maybe it’s just a sign I’m starting to have eye problems 🙂

    I think you made a nice overall design… I see you put a lot of thought in the structure… my only question is where are blog categories… I like to start with categories when reading a blog…

    Ah and something else, my google toolbar makes your input boxes background yellow (autofill) so I cannot read the white text over yellow bg… there is a fix for that… just google it 🙂

    Almost forgot to mention… nice portfolio 🙂

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