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Gotham Nights WordPress Theme

I just got done wrapping up another theme called “Gotham Nights.” This theme/template is a bit more basic in layout compared to Humidor, but has a nice little tabbed section to organize site content. It uses some jquery effects, and is easy to modify and edit as you see fit (just make sure to keep the link-back in the footer).

Download the theme here »

Gotham Nights Screenshot

I have one other theme I’m working on, but that one will be released through another site. I’ll keep you updated when it’s ready.


Comments (33)

  • You make some nice WP themese – keep up the good work, please 🙂

  • Just curious: why is all code stuffed in the index/home file?

  • which code are you referring to?

  • hi evan nice theme, but if i add extra sidebar button i have a little trouble with Firefox browser Take a look the tabs just wont line up? was wonder if you could give up a hint how on to solve this look great in explorer but not in firefox?


  • Evan, I just wanted to say thank you for providing a wonderful WordPress theme. I’m using a slightly modified version for my new blog, So far it all seems to be working well. I very much look forward to future theme releases.

    Best wishes from London,


  • Holy cow Andrew, that looks awesome! I’ll keep ’em coming!

  • Hi Evan. I just found your website here. What a nice WordPress theme. I do agree with Andrew Eglintion 🙂 You did such a nice work. I’m sure pretty of number of people will like your style (of WP theme design) 🙂

  • Wow.. so original…
    I thing this is my next theme for my blog!
    Thanks`a`lot 🙂

  • Great template. Looks very…Modern. The only thing I gotta say I’m not a fan of is the glow around the search bar. But that’s just personal preference.

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my list at my website.
    Much appreciated.

    Anyways, keep it up. Your portfolio is quite impressive.


  • hello, it is a nice theme 4 wordpress.

    but, how can i make this theme work in ie, I found it very difficult to do such thing.

  • This theme has been tested in IE 6 and 7, and works fine – what issue are you seeing?

  • fist of all keep up the great work…
    and second, i have a little problem. i’m new in this webdesign thing, css, php etc… ok, so, i’m using your theme (this theme) and i dont know how to duplicate the menu so i can make a second menu with different links (i dont want two columns)… here is what i want and cant do –>
    i was hoping that you can guide me, few words/steps would help me get this “miracle” done. my english suck, so i hope you understood my problem.
    hope you’ll reply. big thanks!

  • *i dont want two sidebars. -sorry!

  • Very beautiful theme!

  • Very cool. Downloading right now 🙂 Thanks! Cheers.

  • Argh! I can’t use it, must pay to wordpress right if we wanted to use a custom theme. Well, when I got my paid account I’ll be back to this lovely blog.

    see ya..

  • very beatuiful…really.

  • amazing theme! Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  • Hi Evan. Just so you know, I’ve added Gotham Nights to, which is a listing of the best WordPress themes to be found around the web. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Really strange, the sidebar js effect works fine only on IE but it seems not working in Firefox and Safari 🙁

    I’ve tried to use the fresh install of the theme, still not working.

    Any idea please?

  • @au8ust it appears the openid jquery call may be conflicting at first glance. Hard to say, there’s a lot of extra js in there that may be conflicting w/ the tabs code.

  • can i change the background? (lights.jpg)?

  • I just a chance to disable Open-ID Plugin and the tab seems to be working again! Thanks a lot!

  • This is really cool! Thanks!

  • BTW, will you be making the right-hand pane of the theme Firefox compatible soon?


  • Hi,

    I’ve done some modifying to your lovely Gotham theme for my site, to include a top level menu but I’ve noticed there are some incompatibilities with Firefox and IE8. Your web form won’t allow me to put attachments on so I’ve put them online at and for you to have a look at.

    Do you know how we can fix these niggles please?

  • Okay, so I’ve got all my modifications working to this theme that I@m now using at I’ve put the theme files online for you all at

    Updates I’ve made…

    a) I fixed a line of code in the header.php file that stopped the right hand menu displaying properly in Firefox

    b) I’ve added a menu across the top of the screen

    c) I got rid of the about section on each page and added a more full copyright section

    d) I updated some of the graphics

    e) I added a sub-pages pop-up on pages that have erm… sub-pages

    This is a lovely theme and I think works really well with the new top menu and sub-page links. I’m happy to share it back :o)

  • This theme is really good but i wanna learn,how can i show entries more than 1 in index page?It shows only latest entry.If i can show more entries,i will use this theme maybe forever;)

  • ie fixes couldnt work:( With Firefox ,everything is good but ie…Please help…

  • Hi, i was looking for an elegant dark theme for WP. Now i found this and installed it…. and ran into one problem: how or where can i access the static pages? If i use the search form i find them all, but are there static links hidden somewhere for an easy navigation? (Something like: Home – Images – Impressum – Contact).

    Thank you for any hint!

  • Evan all of your themes are really cool but it would be great if you can add a live demo of each of the themes. I’ve converted your Gumball Special Theme for Blogger. It’s been a huge hit but I had some problems of alignment which are now resolved and everything is looking fine. Wanna check it out???

  • i would like to share my blog with your theme, I’ve done a little adjustment:

    by the way, i found the theme cannot work with facebook plugin “like button”, not sure the main you have any suggestion

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