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Introducing the “Humidor” WordPress theme

One of the main reasons why I wanted to re-design this site, was to make the previous design available as a wordpress theme. That’s right, the design that was seen in Smashing Magazine’s “50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006” is now available as a theme for you to use. Feel free to edit it, add to, remove parts, whatever you see fit.

Download version 1 now »

Humidor screenshot

The theme has a lot of parts already built-in that can be edited pretty easily. For instance, one of the most popular elements of the design was the tabbed menu towards the top. By default, only the front page (home) tab is shown, but with some minor css and html tweaks, the image used for the tabs also has an “about,” “contact,” and “archives” tabs.

This is the first version of the theme, and there are bound to be some needed tweaks and edits. If you come across any issues during use, please email me or comment here so I can fine-tune the theme a bit more. The css used throughout is very basic, and shouldn’t have any browser conflicts, although I’ve only been able to test on i.e. 6+ and firefox on a windows machine.

If you find the theme pretty useful, feel free to drop some coins in the tip jar. Every little bit helps!

I’ll be working on some more themes for download, and will post them when ready.

Comments (20)

  • Hi, great theme, but it isn’t widget-ready, to build the sidebar by sidebar-widgets?

  • I’ll have to look into that and see how to work it in. I’ve honestly never used the sidebar until now.

  • hi nice theme, i am trying to impliment this them but i am having a little trouble creating the archives was wondering do you still have a copy from when u use the theme? and also the side bar images could you confirm the text size and font used to create the images? as i have moved the search out of there and imputted something else but having a bit of trouble matching the images.

    thanks excellent work btw and you new theme is also very impressive you got alot of css skills

  • Gerball: Thanks for the compliments! What issue are you having with the archives? Are you having issues creating the page or linking to it?

    The font used is helvetica neue thin and bold…

  • thanks.. having trouble in creating the page i have used templates from another template but having alot of trouble customising the theme.
    Take alook i got all the linking but creating archives theme i struggle on, thanks

  • hmmm, looks like your index.php page is missing a lot of html. look here for how it should look:

    i would copy the index.php file back in and see what went wrong.

  • hi evan got everything sorted but just one problem i have atm is when i click september it isnt bring up all the posts for that month only 10 of them you couldnt help me? where is the code for that?


  • Hi Evan!

    Great theme! Could you help me a little bit, making more tabs? I’m a complete newbie, regarding editing themes…

    Best Regards, Peter

  • is it possible to change the grey in the bottom navbar? thanks!

  • It really bugs me when I see a great design put out for FREE by some amazing and talented designer and the comments are filled with whiners and beggers asking for help…

    If you dont know wordpress, or furthermore if you dont know html/css/php, you might have great difficulty customizing any template.

    I think Evan has put out a kickin’ theme for the world to enjoy. Please just try to learn a little more before asking for help.

    I dont mean to be insulting to anyone, but I’ve been through a lot of themes today and have actually came across one that I completely love. If you like the design, then work hard within it to make it the way you want. Otherwise, leave the designer some praise and be on your way!

    Sorry Evan for the rant. You rock.

  • Hello!
    What a great theme! I liked it so much that I showcased it on my site. 🙂

  • Nice Theme! I love it ! 🙂

  • Aidil Omar

    Hi, I just love your theme.

    Does Humidor support gravatar? I can’t seem to get it to show up. 🙁

  • Stephane

    Thanks a lot for this great Template !

    I’m still discovering it. I’m kind of new to WordPress but I’m use to work with CMS like Joomla. What I haven’t be able to figure out so far is how to keep the TAB down when viewing a certain page. How to link the .tab03in class dynamically to a certain page display. The over state works of course but doesn’t stay down when the page is selected…

    I’ll keep searching but if you can give a hint, it would be greatly appriciated.

    Thanks again

  • Really nice template !
    But I can’t add a previous posts or next posts navigation. I tried to implement plugins (wp-pagenavi, ajaxd-wordpress.1.23.5) or simple bits of codes, nothing seems to work. The URL changes from index.php to index.php?paged=2, index.php?paged=3 and so on but it’s always the same posts showing up.

    Can you explain why ?



  • Beautiful work. Thanks!

  • Evan,

    You are an excellent designer! =)

    We would like to use your theme Chaos at our site. Our webmasters are kinda busy right now, so I thought I’d do it myself, but have no clue where to start =P.

    Could you help me out as how I could install the Chaos template.

    I love it.


  • Evan,

    Great theme. I love the design and the clean feel to it. It’s one of the best one column themes out. I had questions about two things.

    1. You mentioned that with some minor tweaking, it’s possible to get the other tabs to show up. Can you please clarify this and tell us how to actually achieve this? I am not good at programming, so I am finding it difficult to do this on my own.

    2. Is there a way to add a background image behind the gray text box?

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer these 2 questions for me.

  • love ya evan, great work man!

  • clean and simple and almost makes me want to gut my current theme… but thanks for some inspiration.

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