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“Royal” WordPress Theme

My latest theme; “Royal” is now available for download. It’s another bare-bones style theme along the same lines as “Humidor” and “Gotham Nights.”

Royal Screenshot Feel free to hack it anyway you see fit; all that I request is that you keep the logo (or link) at the bottom of the site.

To switch from logo to link, simply rename “footer-link.php” to “footer.php”

Also, there are a few different color versions of the shield up top for you to choose or manipulate. Just grab the one you want, tweak it and rename it “shield.gif.” Drop the new version into the images directory to change.

Download “Royal” here. Enjoy!

Comments (4)

  • Great WP theme!

  • Wow, that’s amazing work. What I love about your portfolio of free themes, is that each one has been cared for. Bravo. Now I may have to go an switch themes again!

  • I love the design of this theme, however I ran into an issue withthe permalinks for the previous posts at the bottom. They never load, and you get an error message. Any help?

  • Just came back to thank you for sharing this awsome theme and to offer an example of a blog running with your help.

    Do you have a twitter account.

    You can find me @katalink

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