There are few times where I recommend a movie to others. The last movies I got a real kick out of was Stardust and Bourne Ultimatum. But a few nights ago I saw a movie, and heard a soundtrack that blew everything out of the water.


I don’t even know where to begin. “Once” is a modern musical – a story of two musicians pushing each other to be greater and (almost) falling in love in the process. It’s a story of a guy (that’s the credit) and a girl that randomly run into each other in Ireland somewheres. The guy has broken up with a girl a year back, and the girl is an immigrant from the Czech republic. Both being musicians, they start to play together and dig deeper into each other’s lives unintentionally. They create a record, push each other to be better musicians and people, and make some of the best music I’ve ever heard.

The director knew that the story revolved so much around the music that he insisted the actors be real musicians rather than actors that could sorta sing and appear like they could play and instrument. The film is also shot in an almost documentary style – which makes the film feel all the more real. In fact, on the DVD extras, the director and actors mention they have been asked about the character’s current lives – assuming they’re real.

I think the main reason I liked this movie so much, was simply the male lead Glen Hansard. This guy is one of the most talented individuals I have ever seen. The emotion that comes through his voice and body language during a song is amazing. I really have no idea why he doesn’t have the same fame as a band such as Coldplay or the Verve, because he is as talented as they get.

After seeing Once, I don’t think I can watch any other music-centric movie without thinking “Once is better.” On a side note, I’m right now watching “Across the Universe” but contemplating turning it off because Once just blows all of these movies out of the water.

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  • I also really love this movie. The music is also amazing I bought the album done by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová called The Swell Season right after watching this movie. I really love the feeling that this movie gives you, it feels like you are actually right there experiencing these two artist relationship, but you are really a world away.

  • They just won best song last night at the academy awards!

  • Was just listening to this on my way to work… what a great soundtrack. Hoping to go see the Swell Season in Chicago sometime soon.

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