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Wanted! CSS/HTML Freelancers ASAP

Hey everyone, at my day job; we’re in dire need of some freelance web designers/static CSS/HTML personnel. Basically, my team and I are overwhelmed and need some ongoing help. If interested, please email me at evan [at] or evan [at]

We would need primarily CSS/HTML help, but also could use some fresh eyes and design ideas. Adchemy has been around for 3+ years, and is a startup located in Redwood City, Ca. We’re primarily in the lead generation business using analytics and high science to create top-preforming designs. That’s just scratching the surface. We’ll really need help for the lead generation side as well as another side of the business which I have to keep my lips sealed about that right now.

So if interested, please forward rates, contact info and portfolio, and we can get moving. I appreciate it!

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  • Hi, I am interested in working in the role mentioned on your site, where it asks for CSS/HTML freelancers. I have extensive experience and am available for work. My rate is £15 GBP which is equivalent to roughly 23.13 U.S. dollars. I have provides my portfolio site, which showcases the web side of my work (I also do interactice CD-Roms). Please let me know if you think I would be suitable. I can work as and when needed. Many thanks. Dean

  • Hi, I am interested in working in the role for CSS/HTML freelancers. I have 8.7 years of experience and can start immediatley. My rate is $5/hrs. Please let me know if you think I would be suitable.Thank You. Diwakar

  • Rajan A

    Hi, I am interested working CSS AND HTML freelancer job. I have seven year experience UI AND UX DESIGNER, I know Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Html, Css, (Div based templates) Jquery slide shows, flash animation. if you need the please contact me, I will transfer my resume and portfolio.
    Thanks & Regards

    Web Designer
    Mobile:91 + 9940465768

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