Even though I can’t get to the theater much anymore due to having too many kids, I still try to keep up on movie news using sites like and general news sites with a movie section.

The San Diego comic con just happened, and a lot of footage from upcoming movies was shown. One of the screenings was footage of a potential Tron 2. Not too many movies get me excited, but a bootleg video of the trailer popped up online and all I can say is just the few minutes I saw had me drooling to see the rest.

I loved the original Tron growing up, and can’t remember just how many times I’ve seen it. The trailer for the second looks even more awesome as the first… and Jeff Bridges is back which makes the movie about 100 fold better already.

About 10 years ago, I went to a Spike and Mike’s animation festival thing, and a couple of the original TRON special effects guys were there to speak (I think it was Steven Lisberger, but can’t remember). Anyhow, the one question they answered which has stuck in my head since, was a fan asked how it was watching the computer generated lightcycle scenes come to life during the movie making process. I remember he responded by saying that he didn’t see any of the effects until they were screening the actual film. Before that, all he had seen was lines of code that would become the lightcycles and TRON effects on film. They were essentially working blind through the entire CGI process – until it was on the actual film on a big screen.

That answer blew the entire crowd away, and even then people were asking about a sequel. “Maybe, we hope so” is all we got in return. Well, *maybe* that wish will come true here in the next year or so. If not after seeing this footage; I’m headed down to Disney to riot on their front lawn.

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