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  • Oh, and I’ll add it to the themes section of the site here when I find an extra few minutes.

  • It sure is a wonderful theme Evan! Really good job. 🙂
    Best regards,
    Jimmy Oh

  • Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  • I downloaded cellar heat and when I tested it, it doesn’t show up any of the blog posts in the little preview boxes on the home page or when you click through to view the whole post.

    Is there a setting that need to be modified?

  • I have same problem. I tested both, dark and light theme adn have same problme.. .. it doesn’t show up any of the blog posts…

  • @Sasha, Polar – What version of wordpress do you have installed, and how many posts have you set to display?

  • It’s a beutiful teme!

  • Hi Evan. I somehow believe theme would be even better if you’d use you jQuery magic and hide everything under boxes, just like you did with fancy
    Aurora Borealis. – You know -then get it back on click.

    p.s. you should really put its screenshot in the main page instead of that old very un-atractive one.

  • Which old screen shot?

  • is it free? i want dis for my blogspot? is it suitable for XML? plz help me… i am a newbie…

  • @idotkontji,

    check this website http://www.magznetwork.com to get the XML file for Blogger

  • Wow… did alittle revising of the color scheme and eliminated the top and bottom png files… Presto! Finally, a theme that fits me… after a YEAR of trying everything else!


  • i’ve been using blogger version on my blogger blog but the main problem with this template is that it takes tooooo much time to load which is really bad. I’ve been playing with it’s CSS and I’ve deleted all of it’s images, now it’s looking much better but still requires some work to be done!

  • Its cool 🙂

  • WOW! This is just great. Works great for me & for what I need to do with it. Thanks. I am not finished setting it all up, but all is working so far. -Carmen

  • Hi Evan, great theme!!!
    I dig it and in particular the slide style gallery feature. Ive been trying to find a way to post youtube vids as well as images. At the moment all I get is a blank space – tho the link works on the following page. Is there a workaround?

  • Great template, I use it on blogger for one year now (thank you very much) but I’ve got two problems:
    1) I don’t succeed to add the “share button” of twitter.
    2) I don’t succeed to put more then 9 posts on the first page

  • hello.. i have a question on this template.. when i try to post flash video/movie embed its over flowing in my home page even if i put an image to to link to my video…it automatically loading in home page… pls help what should i do.. i want to load image thumbnail only not inside my post.. it too slow when i open my blog.. i need ur advice thanks!

  • You mean this template is applicable to a free ( non payable hosting) wordpress blog ? Cause i searched the list and it does not show up .. Could you pls reply to me by mail?

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