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A short note on my “Notepad Chaos” theme

I get a lot of inbound emails from users asking for CSS/HTML help on my “Notepad Chaos” theme. When I created this theme, it was for WordPress users only. Since then a handful of wonderful designers and developers have ported it over to other platforms, such as blogger.

Unfortunately, I know very, very little about these other platforms. My only CMS experience has been with WordPress, Expression Engine and some custom platforms. If you have any issues with the way the theme is rendering or working on any of these platforms, feel free to email me and ask. If it’s on a platform outside of these – I apologize, but I’m really no help at all.

This also pertains to all of the themes that I’ve created.

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  • Hey man, I just pulled the CSS out of the HTML, and wrapped it around a CMS platform, with a varient wordpress outsource code, I was able to extract a massive XML code that probably could take over netscape navigator 3.0
    Thank you.

    yer bud.
    Dan Saratoga

  • Notepad Chaos really is a nice theme.. my only wish if you’ll ever update it is to define a sidebar for widgets

  • I love your theme! I am currently using it in my blog. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have no programming background whatsoever so you can say that I’m still trying to figure out how to tweak the theme (ex., what’s supposed to be in the footer? The portion that says “What is this place?”) I have no idea how I can put some content on that space.

    I was also wondering if you are planning to release a 3-column version of the theme. Or are there any plans to make it widget-ready.

    Anyhoo, I love it and thank you very much for putting so much time and effort in making themes and giving them away for free. 🙂

  • I am using your fabulous theme Notepad Chaos. Thank you for the free use, it’s beautiful.
    I’m a total noob to blogging and know very little about customizing themes. I was wondering if there is an easy way to add “stuff” to the sidebar. I’d like to add a banner to my Etsy store and for the online ecommerce group I belong too. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated. TIA

  • Hi Evan.. Your themes – Notepad Chaos is very beautiful.. I just wish you can make an update for the sidebar thing.. I think it would be very helpful^^

    but anyway thanks,,,

    @Vikki, it’s the About section, you can edit About page and it will change itself…

  • Hey Evan, thanks for an absolute genius WP theme. It’s gorgeous and not even that hard to work with!

    My only question – and I’m kind of embarrassed that I only noticed this today – where is the page.php file? I noticed none of my pages are displaying and I’m guessing it’s because there’s no page.php file.

    Would you be able to give me instructions on how to make one for this theme, or could you make one and post it?

    Thanks again for the awesome work and for making it freely available!

  • Whoops sorry then for asking the blogger question in the more current post, i hadn’t backtracked :p

    Perhaps one of your smart buddies who converted it to Blogger in the first place can re-convert your new one with a good HELP addition.
    *HINT HINT* for those who do designing…

  • Angela

    Thank you Evan, for sharing a beautiful theme–I know it’s not exactly brand new but I just found it recently when I went looking to update my blog. And I’m a sucker for notepad-type looks, so this worked well for me.

    For those who want widget functionality for the theme, it is really not too hard to do at all. I had very little difficulty making it “widgetizable” on my WordPress blog, but I did get helpful info from this article:
    It took just a little time of trial and error finding the right files, and I am certainly not a designer by any means–I’m a sociologist. I have a little down time this summer, so I may try to learn a little bit more and toy around with changing menus and stuff.

    Thank you again for sharing!

  • Joanell

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Notepad Chaos theme! I just found it today, and maybe you or another could help me. The “Archive” post-it link opens my “About” page. Anyone have a fix for this?…I haven’t built websites since the html days.



  • To Joanell :

    If you wanna fix the “Archive” link, try to find “navigation.php” and edit it.
    You should see like this..


    So, just replace the “/?page_id=2” in the Archive link, which I replaced by “”. Just replaced with page or post you want.

    To Angela :
    I try to make it widgetizable but it’s hard for me ^_^

    To Evan, thanks you so much for your free and beautiful theme. If you make it widgetizable, it will be more awesome.. ^_^

  • I’ve used your notepad chaos v2 and it’s widgetized !!

    Thank you..

  • the theme is very nice

  • Hi, where is being defined a box – “What is this place ?”

  • why i’m can’t edit my blog

  • i was try anytime twodays

  • Ported to Xoops CMS here :

  • I emailed you before reading this post 😛
    I’m currently using this theme on a weblog with a platform (opensource dotnet blog platform), I downloaded the adapted theme from their own site (and I am crazy for it!).

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