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  • AMAZING WORK I watch all of your vids

  • Some more awesome work. just wish I had a few bucks to thank you for doing things like this in your spare time

  • amazing work thanks 🙂

  • Amazing man!

  • I feel like a jerk taking all Of these fonts fOr free that yOu made! I just saw them and fell in lOve and I had tO have them, I will definitely donate tO yOu later, I think yOur an inspiration tO everyOne! [sOrry abOut the randOm ‘O’s my keyboard is jacked right nOw :/]

  • So i was applying for a job, and i had to send in my resume via email, so i did, but i forgot that i was working with this font the day before, and accidentally sent my boss the resume in this font. I still got the job!

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