FontBellflower Font 2.0

Bellflower Font 2.0

Wow, it’s been a few years since revisiting this font. I originally created Bellflower after using the lettering for Syndicate youtube thumbnails and Lui Calibre’s logo way back in the day. It was created when I knew very little about even creating fonts; I was still very much a novice fumbling my way through font software and a lot of trial and error.

After many years, this font has finally been updated and cleaned up. The kerning has been greatly refined, and an italic very is now included. A few of the letters have also been slightly refined – the E & F always bugged me, as well as the open areas in the B. All are finally fixed. It did take some holding back from re-drawing the entire font, but at this point, it would have resulted in a very different look. So I’ve opted to refine. I do think I’ll try drawing out a new Bellflower-inspired font and see how that pans out.

The font now also includes web versions (.woff). Rock them on your website or where ever you’d like. The original file format of the font was also switched from TrueType (.ttf) to OpenType (.otf) for modernizing a bit.

If you’ve purchased this font in the past, you should be able to login and download the updated .zip file. If not, drop me a line (with your original order details if you can) and I’ll reset your download count.

Please enjoy the font – it includes a ton of love.

Bellflower font at my shop
Bellflower font at Creative Market

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