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Abstrakts + Patreon

After a few years of my Youtube channel being neglected (only because I got too busy over the years, I still like the place), I’ve been able to get a couple of new videos up there. I’ve always loved the “Abstrakts” series… ever since I first found Photoshop during high school, I was always amazed at what you could achieve with a blank canvas, a few brushes and a truckload of filters. This series tries to capture that – make rad art with just Photoshop – nothing else.

The latest episode starts to dive into the wave filter; which is quite a fun filter to tool around with. It’s great for distortion effects, glitch things and general broken VCR nostalgia. I love it. I highly recommend playing around with it (It’s in the Distort option under filters).

These episodes are usually just experimenting with Photoshop features… and speaking of experiments…

I’ve started a Patreon account. I know, I know, I’ve turned into one of those creators. It’s all good. It hit me when creating the Photoshop tutorials… there was no real good home to share psd files and whatever other artwork I’d like to share. Just posting a dropbox link somewhere didn’t feel like I cared much for the file… and on social networks, they’re posted and then disappear by the end of the day. I figured Patreon might be a good place to share this work, and give the option to support the effort a bit. I still post free stuff here to the site – that won’t change. But even writing these blog posts get thrown on the back-burner due to work. With Patreon, I owe it to supporters – plain and simple. If you’re on there and into it, I owe you cool stuff.

For the time being, there’s one tier of pricing there – I don’t really see a need for anything crazy at the moment. Dirt cheap access to a bunch of random art files I create. I’ll post other videos and stuff there- behind-the-scenes type things and work-in-progress files. As I type this, I have a font I’m getting ready to put up there. Just a little hand-drawn thing; hopefully people can find a use for it.

I’m interested in what you all think of this. Let me know below!



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