100 Thieves Geography

100 Thieves Geography Surface Print

100 Thieves

Conception, Visual Design, Apparel Design

Project Type:
Surface Pattern Creation

The Project

100 Thieves needed a debut look that made a statement for the clothing side of the brand. The goal was simply to design a hoodie first; a staple item in a Thieves’ collection. The initial garment needed to be something new to the esports crowd, and help usher in the 100 Thieves brand into a real-deal street wear level brand to rival other heavy-hitters in the space.

The Process

The design needed to not only fit the brand, but be a signature print that could be used across many areas of the company. I decided to lean into Owner Matt Haag’s competitive gaming history in first-person shooters, and decided to explore camouflage patterns. The idea was to create a pattern that was reminiscent of a military camo, but subtle enough to feel more inline with lifestyle apparel.

After creating a number of deconstructed camouflage patterns, and streamlining them down further, the Geography pattern was born. At first glance, the print feels like topography (hence the name), but when looking at the detail, the military tone starts to surface.

The Output

The final design had the ability to print or render across multiple fabric types and products; both real-world and digital in any color combo imagined. 

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