Arcbound Branding & Identity


Creative Direction, Branding, Design

Project Type:
Branding & Identity

The Project

ARCBOUND emerges as a thrilling sci-fi action intellectual property, making its inaugural appearance in the form of a comic series. The brand demanded a robust identity and distinctive style, serving as the cornerstone for a vast universe of space and exploration across multiple media platforms.

The ARCBOUND universe unfolds amidst the cosmic expanse, featuring an array of compelling characters and intricate storylines. This project was a collaborative effort with the awesome team that is Paper Crowns.

Initial Concepts

We first started exploring what ARCBOUND could look like. We tried many version that encapsulated space, exploration and spacecraft vibes to give adventure and style.

Rapid Cover Testing

Final Wordmark & Icon

The wordmark was designed to give a sense of space flight and action. The curved typeface simulates a planetary horizon line with the type aiming towards the stars. The icon became a subset of the wordmark, with a dash of NASA badge inspiration in shape.

Color, Typography & Supporting Assets

Establishing Look & Feel

In the Wild

A few shares from the Arcbound team at NYC ComicCon.

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