One True King (OTK)

Branding  a top-tier  media network.

OTK Network (One True King)

Creative Direction, Branding, Design

Project Type:
Branding & Identity

The Project

A multimedia content powerhouse broadcasting (mostly) from Austin, TX.

OTK is comprised of a group of creators with a wide array of personalities and styles. Combined, they pull some of the highest viewership number across the twitch, youtube and beyond.

The goal of the project was to redesign the logomark and give the brand a foundation to build from. Finding a look and feel that injected the personality into all OTK visuals and future content.

Theme & Tone

The logomark needed to be simple – able to plug into a variety of secondary logo lockups, and carry the personality and tone of the brand.

Logomark & Icon

After a couple of rounds of exploration, we found a logomark that worked – monogram focused, with an icon we could spin off into its own. Both the letter forms and icon radiated the brand’s personality.

Secondary Elements

After establishing the logomark, we’re able to push it further – spinning the icon out as a mascot and locking it with other forms of text and titles.

It also gave us the ability to work the crown into other illustrations and elements.

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