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Research, UI/UX Design, Visual Design

Project Type:
Product Feature Design

2 Weeks (Sprint) is an education platform with thousands of hours of course-based, short-form video lessons that offers test preparation, college credit and more.

The Project

For College credit seeking students using, we wanted to accelerate, streamline and create an all-around better experience to complete courses on the platform. By introducing an adaptive learning quiz, a student could take the quiz to test out of and complete lessons of the course they already knew.

Project Goals

  • Allow students to test out of material they already know with a quick quiz.
  • Show results for concept mastery and overall time saved.
  • Better visualize progress of which lessons are still needed to complete.
  • Changes should not effect search engine page ranking.

The Process


  • Project Goals
  • User Interviews
  • Customer Personas
  • Development Requirements


  • Sitemap
  • Initial Sketches

Interaction Design

  • User Flow
  • Wireframes
  • Design Patterns

Interface Design

  • High Fidelity Designs
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing

Development Hand-off

  • Asset Export
  • Design Documentation
  • Iteration

Research & Data

Data & Interviews

To get a better understanding of the current course completion flow with existing students, I analyzed existing page data and heat maps of the most active modules of pages.

Also by constructing user personas, and leading user interviews, a better overall sense of how to integrate this new feature became clearer.

Pain Points

A majority of current students were having to retake lessons they already knew. 

The current adaptive learning quiz was buried and difficult to find.

SEO is a major criteria for, and any changes to existing pages had to be careful not to impact page rank.


Would be nice to find the adaptive quiz right away when beginning a new course.

Would like to be able to take the quiz on future courses to better gauge time needed to finish.

Sitemap & User Flow

I created a quick sitemap to figure out which pages in the Course flow a quiz could be started.

After identifying the pages where a quiz could be started, the next step was to figure out the user flow of the quiz and where progression would propogate.

Wire Frames

Due to the accelerated sprint duration, wireframing and high-fidelity mockups were produced in parallel. Using an already established design system, the UI could be rendered out for quicker hand-off to developers.

Along with the page designs, we also A/B tested the Quiz Start page. 3 variations were tested with slight text edits and overall steps.

High Fidelity Designs


Ultimately, this feature test won over the current Placement Quiz feature. Parts of the design were streamlined down further along the way, but the goal was achieved – students were able to complete more course work in less time overall.

Another bonus of this feature, was that since a handful of lessons are shared across courses, this feature auto-completed progress in those areas as well. As a whole, College credit seeking students were able to take more courses, and earn more college credit towards their degrees.

Looking for more?

Get in touch! During my time with, I worked on a hundred+ different feature builds and page tests. If you’re interested in knowing more, let’s chat!

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